The anthology woodcut book

CARLOS LLERENA AGUIRRE Fibra y Acero: Antología Xilográfica

Published by ICPNA, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano. 2016.

ISBN: 978-612-4092-48-0

255 pages. 250 woodcuts. 33 drawings

12 Curatorial texts and  articles.

9.5 ” x 12″  2.3 pounds

Soon available for $25.00 in Amazon USA




Juan Peralta (MAC-Lima/PUCP)  volunteers as editor of the book. Llerena Aguirre and Peralta color corrected the book and edited the main images and chapters in early November. Lima,. Perú.
Luis Muro, ICPNA editor, corrected all copy and captions in Spanish.

Mirtha and Javier, TAREA Printing Inc. designers, work hard in post-production,  color corrections and plotter printings.


Julio Alvarado, Printing director from TAREA, oversees every aspect of the printing process for quality control, ink varnishes and binding production.



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